Objets Trouvés

Works for Accordion and Zither (2016)

Our aim was to offer new interpretations of works by composers who had a special influence on us personally, and to create our own sound. And so we devoted months of research and rehearsals to exploring the depths of European musical history. We followed in the footsteps of Merry Melancholy in the English Renaissance and sought out the intractable hurdy-gurdy in the elegance of French Baroque music. We had discussions about John Cage and Zen, improvised on tangos by Astor Piazzolla, and discovered folk music roots in the works of György Ligeti. On this CD we present the essence of all these musical objets trouvés from the past four centuries.

“This duo meet Dowland, Ligeti and Piazolla as their musical equals.”

– Zither Magazin

“Chassot/Mallaun have distributed the function and roles of their instruments with gusto, cleverness and supreme musicality. They are able to expand the characteristics of the zither and accordion into new worlds of sound and to bring their aesthetic stances closer without breaking faith…”

– Tiroler Tageszeitung

“None of the works, however, whether well-known or unfamiliar, has ever sounded the way it does in this recording.”

– klassik.com

“This duo meets Dowland, Ligeti and Piazzolla as their musical equals – and go straight to the heart of the listener…”

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